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We now have a large range of 1/12 scale Dolls House Lights Tudor Furniture & Miniatures

Welcome to the bright, light world of miniatures.
Here at Micro Miniatures, we know how to bring a small world to life. Whether it's a doll's house or a model railway,
we help you to create stunning visual effects, transforming the way your miniature world looks.

Our range of dolls house furniture and miniture accessories is also not to be missed.
We cover all periods including Tudor, Georgian, Victorian and Modern designs.
We have dolls house furniture miniatures and lighting for all rooms in your house along with many individual items,
in 1/12 scale to finish your displays, cover your walls and floors and generally bring your house to life.

There is also a dolls house wiring imformation page to get you started Dolls House Wiring Explained

Main Sections
Main Sections
Lighting effects

The right lighting effects add to a miniature world just as they do in the real world. Think of lighting as furniture. Think of lighting as the most effective way to bring your model to life. Think of lighting as atmosphere, and you'll get the idea.

Have you ever wanted to control the lighting in your doll's house, in your model railway buildings, or at the trackside? Have you looked at your Victorian model railway and wished you could replicate the oil-lamp lighting of the time?

And on a cold winter's day, wouldn't it be good to see a merry fire burning in the doll's house fireplace?

All this is possible - and more besides. What's more, it can all be controlled remotely. Here are just a few of the possibilities of remote-control lighting and mechanical effects:

- Flicker effects. These can be used to simulate a log or coal fire, the flicker of an oil lamp or candle flame. Ideal for Victorian or Tudor doll's houses, or to reproduce the effect of a windy day at the railway.

- Dimming effects. Turn down the lights to add a sense of drama, cosiness or atmosphere, according to the time of day - and the time of year.

- Controlled effects. Remote-control lighting systems are perfect for doll's houses and model railways. You decide how bright the lights are or how dim, where and when the lights are on.

- The station master. A points-motor remote control gives you a new way to switch, control and programme your layout, with block-switching and points-changing using a single handset key press.

- The interior designer. Choose from an extensive range of light fittings for every room of your dolls house, including chandeliers, ceiling and wall lights, table and standard lamps. We have a range of wiring lighting starter kits with instructions to aid you with your wiring.
Best Sellers

Resistor Carbon Film 1M ohm 1/4W Pack of 100


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DPDT ON-OFF-ON Miniature Toggle Switch PACK OF TEN

DPDT ON-OFF-ON Miniature Toggle Switch PACK OF TEN


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Inline DC 12-24 volt Switch

Inline DC 12-24 volt Switch


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